About The Garmont of Gud Ladeis

Welcome to The Garmont of Gud Ladeis. I am truly thrilled that you’ve decided to stop by the site.

What is “The Garmont of Gud Ladeis”?

Written by Robert Henryson, one of the Scottish “Makars” in approximately 1495, the poem The Garmont of Gud Ladeis (The Garment of Good Ladies), provides some interesting insight into and documentation on late 15th century Scottish clothing. The earliest printed reference to the poem is found in the Bannatyne Manuscript.

Why this name for a blog?

As someone who has dabbled in all forms of ‘making’ (from music to fiber arts and quite a few things in between), I was originally looking for a way to explore my interest in medieval reenacting, with a focus on Scotland. With that said, this blog covers a variety of topics related to my diverse interests.

About Me

I currently live on the East Coast of the United States. My interests include instrumental and vocal music, history, knitting, spinning, costuming, Scotland, Great Britain, Iceland, Appalachia, urban/suburban homesteading, experimental archeology, and probably a few other things. My paternal grandparents arrived from Scotland in the late 1920s and I grew up with Scottish food, traditions, culture, and music. I love the Clarsach, Scottish history, Kenneth McKellar and Sir Harry Lauder, among other things. (If you want to get choked up, listen to Keep Right On to the End of the Road, and then read about what inspired Sir Harry Lauder to write it).


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