Scottish Queens

ImageI recently discovered The Freelance History Writer blog by Susan Abernathy. Fun blog. Especially if you like Scottish history. The other day on (another really great blog if you like medieval things), I read an article Ms. Abernathy wrote about the wardrobe of Margaret of Denmark, Queen to King James III of Scotland. In the article she references a book called Scottish Queens: 1034 Р1714 by Rosalind K. Marshall. An entire book devoted to the other half of the Scottish throne! Yeah. How did I miss this book over the years? While I try to get books out of the library these days, this was one that I decided I just had to add to my personal collection. It just arrived and I plan to begin reading it very shortly (particularly the chapters about Margaret of Denmark and Margaret Tudor!) Undoubtedly there will be interesting nuggets that I will post forthwith! Stay tuned.


Scottish/Flemish Connection

It seems there was a deep Scottish/Flemish connection with Flemish immigrants one of the largest groups settling in Scotland over a 600 year period between the 11th and 17th centuries. The University of St. Andrews has an entire program devoted to it. (You can find more information here.) The really interesting thing is that the university researchers estimate that up to 1/3 of Scotland’s people are descended from a Flemish ancestor.

This project is just underway at St. Andrews, but there are some exciting things afoot, including:

  • Flemish influence and settlements in Fife and the Glenshee area of Perthshire including the possibility of the ruins of a settlement.
  • Immigration of Flemish people to Scotland due to religious persecution between 1550 and 1635
  • YDNA tests, linked to Scottish surnames to determine Flemish ancestry