The Poem: The Garmont of Gud Ladeis

The Garmont of Gud Ladeis

by Robert Henryson, 1495

(would) my gud lady lufe (love) me best
And wirk eftir (after) my will,
I suld (should) ane garmond (garment; outfit) gudliest
Gar mak hir body till (to make for her body; to dress her in).

Of he (high) honour suld be hir hud (hood)
Upoun hir heid to weir.
Garneist (garnished; equipped) with govirnance so gud,
Na demyng (demean) suld hir deir (dear; dearest)

Hir sark (chemise/underclothes) suld be hir body nixt (nearest)
Of chestetie (chastity) so quhyt (white)
With schame and dreid togidder mixt,
The same suld be perfyt.

Hir kirtill (kirtle) suld be of clene constance
Lasit (laced) with lesum (lawful) lufe,
The mailyeis (eyelets) of continuance
For nevir to remufe.

Hir gown suld be of gudlines
Weill ribband (ribboned) with renown
Purfillit (bordered) with plesour in ilk (each; every) place,
Furrit (furred) with fyne fassoun (appearance).

Hir belt suld be of benignity (kindness; grace)
Abowt hir middill (middle or waist) meit (well fitting),
Hir mantill (mantle) of humility
To tholl bayth wind and weit. (to suffer both wind and wet)

Hir hat (hat) suld be of fair having (bearing; deportment)
And hir tepat (tippet) of trewth,
Hir patelet (partlet) of gud pansing (thoughts),
Hir hals (neck) ribbane (ribbon) of rewth (compasion).

Hir slevis (sleeves) suld be of esperance (hope)
To keip hir fra dispair,
Hir gluvis (gloves) of gud govirnance
To hyd (hide) hir fynyearis (fineries?) fair.

Hir schone (shoes) suld be of sickernes (protected; solid foundation; reliability)
In syne (sin) that scho (she) nocht (not) slyd (slip; slide)
Hir hois (hose) of honestie, I ges (conjecture; guess),
I suld for hir provyd.

Wald scho put on this garmond gay,
I durst sweir by my seill (seal)
That scho woir nevir grene (green) nor gray
That set (suit) hir half so weill.


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